Clever Photographer Landscape Photography Overlay Bundle

Clever Photographer Landscape Photography Overlay Bundle

22 Collections with over 859 Overlays

Immediately transform your images with our brand new Landscape Photography Overlays. Gain access to this enormous bundle with over 859 high-resolution elements and tools. The 22 Overlay Collections in this bundle cover every situation you will face as a Landscape Photographer. So whether you want to make subtle changes or let your creativity fly, this product have you covered.

This bundle is suitable for photographers with all levels of photo editing skills. Easily add beautiful atmospheric depth, texture and light to your images with only a few clicks. It is compatible with most current photo editing applications, including Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Affinity Photo, Luminar 4 & NEO, Gimp, ON1 Photo RAW, Paint-Shop Pro, ACDSee etc. In addition, the purchase includes video tutorials with everything you need to know to start with overlays.

Whether you are a professional photographer, a novice taking photos for your Instagram feed, or anywhere in between, you are going to LOVE our Landscape Overlay Bundle.

What’s Included?

Sun Overlays

This collection includes 40 powerful Sunburst, Sunlight and Sunshine overlays to give your image a dramatic sunlight glow and texture. These overlays will allow you to easily change your image’s mood and create a breathtaking scene in just a few clicks!

Cloud Overlays

This collection includes 41 beautiful Cloud and Sky Overlays to give your image additional texture in the sky. These overlays will allow you to easily turn the boring sky into the main part of the image!

Snow Overlays

This collection includes 40 beautiful Snow Overlays to add additional snow texture to your image. In addition, this collection contains several different snow types allowing you to create natural-looking snow in only a few moments!

Rain Overlays

Capturing rain with a camera can be tricky. That’s why we created 44 beautiful Rain Overlays for this premium collection. These overlays will allow you to easily create a moody look in just a few clicks!

Lightning Overlays

Adding lightning is an incredibly easy way to add drama to any photo. This collection includes 50 high-resolution Lightning Overlays in three styles – Cool Blue, Dramatic Purple and Clean White. Simply place your new light rays onto your image and create a complex and powerful image.

Rainbow Overlays

Rainbows are spectacular and impressive, but they can be tough to capture. But don’t worry. This collection includes 10 beautiful Rainbow Overlays to bring back the colours in the sky and create something extraordinary. These overlays will allow you to easily add a rainbow to your image in only a few clicks.

Fog & Mist Overlays

You can easily add depth and style to any image by simply dragging and dropping one of these 60 Fog & Mist Overlays, putting it in soft light or screen mode. Then, with a couple of clicks, you completely transform your composites and, in some cases, save an otherwise unusable image!

Moon & Planet Overlays

Adding a moon to your image can push its impact, but each image requires something different. This is why we created this collection with 30 impressive Moon and Planet Overlays. The collection includes the moon in seven different phases and three different colours. Now it’s up to you!

Star & Galaxy Overlays

This collection includes 45 captivating Star and Galaxy Overlays to give your image a dramatic night sky. These overlays will allow you to easily change your image’s mood and create a breathtaking scene in just a few clicks!

Aurora Overlays

A magnificent collection of 15 Aurora Borealis Effect Overlays ensures that your photos have acquired a new charm, artistry and emotionality. Place your new aurora overlays on your image, change the blending mode and create a powerful image in only a few clicks!

Smoke Overlays

Smoke overlays are a great way to blend all kinds of smoke over a pre-established picture. With this collection, you’ll have access to 65 high-resolution Smoke Overlays in a range of unique and captivating styles.

Dust Overlays

Adding dust into your images is much easier and safer for your camera with this collection. Simply place one of our 25 Dust Overlays on the top of your image, change the mode of the overlays, and that’s it. The dust particles add a beautiful vintage feel to your pictures and create professional results.

Light Effect Overlays

This collection includes 47 beautiful Light Effect Overlays to give your image unique elements like a Lens Flare, Light Leak and Haze. These overlays will allow you to completely change your image’s mood and create impressive result in just a few clicks!

Bokeh Overlays

Adding these 30 Bokeh Overlays near your lights or light sources helps create realism and depth. They’re so easy to add. Simply drag and drop, and change the blending mode to “hard light” or “overlay”. These are fun and super easy to use.

Spot Light Overlays

This pack includes 60 unique Spot Light & Lantern Overlays to give any flat images a dramatic light source with texture, adding depth and movement. These overlays will allow you to drastically change your image’s mood and create an enchanting look in just a few clicks!

Shadow Overlays

This trendy collection of 32 incredible Shadow Overlays represents one of the most powerful ways to create a dramatic impact with your images. The mix of window, plant or leaf shadows will save you time editing your pictures.

Silhouette Overlays

This collection includes 60 unique Silhouette Overlays to transform your image into a powerful scene. Use the animal, people, tree, and tree line overlays for your next project and let your imagination go to create something unique.

Air Balloon Overlays

The Hot Air Balloon collection offers 22 Overlays and a simple way to create romantic scenes. These high definition overlays can be easily placed over your images to create a beautiful new dimension in a snap!

Firework Overlays

Our Firework collection with 30 Overlays helps you add festive elements to your photos, and it gives you the possibility to decorate a photo with spectacular multi-coloured fireworks. These are fun and super easy to use.

Bird Overlays

This powerful collection includes 22 natural-looking Bird Overlays to give additional elements and texture to your image. These overlays (Eagles, Owls and Seagulls) can add birds flying around or on the far background with only a few simple clicks.

Butterfly Overlays

Butterflies can add beauty, innocence and whimsy to a photograph. But planning a photo of them is anything but simple! So instead, use our Butterfly collection with 25 Overlays to add in the colourful creatures while you’re editing the photos and create something extraordinary.

Leaf & Petal Overlays

This collection includes 66 beautiful Leaf and Petal Overlays to give additional elements and depth to your image. These overlays will allow you to easily change your image’s mood and create a spectacular scene in just a few clicks!

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