Harderclass Physika Masterclass Free Download

Harderclass Physika Masterclass Free Download

Harderclass Physika Masterclass

In this 3+ hour Masterclass you will sit in the studio next to Physika while he explains how he approaches music production.

Discover the starting point of every Physika track — melodies. Learn how he shapes and refines these melodic foundations to set the tone for his unique sound.

Dive into the construction of powerful baselines and captivating leads. Physika walks you through the step-by-step process of building the essential elements that define his signature style.

Explore the heartbeat of hardstyle – kicks. Physika takes you on a journey through the creation of kicks, sharing tips and techniques to bring your tracks to life. Get an exclusive look behind the scenes of one of Physika’s standout tracks, “IMMA FREAK.”

Understand the challenges and triumphs that went into creating this hardstyle track.

Whether you’re an experienced producer or just starting, the Physika Masterclass will help you in creating or refining your tracks.

Topics covered in this Masterclass
•Track Walkthrough “IMMA FREAK”
•Starting With A Piano
•Finding The Bassline
•Making The Melody
•Adding Variety To The Melody
•Creating Chords Out Of The Bassline
•Making A Toplead In Sylenth 1
•Adding A Support Layer
•Combining And Processing The Layers
•Adding Reverb To The Leads
•Creating A Screech Out Of The Toplead
•Creating A Screech Out Of The Sawlead
•Working From a Premade Kick
•Changing The Punch
•Changing The Tail
•Adding Layers To The Kick
•Small Tweaks On The Tail
•Rendering The Kick To Audio And Finalizing
•The Bass
•The Leads & The Chords
•The Break
•The Buildup
•The Screech
•The Kick
•The Vocal

Included resources in this Masterclass
Personal Message Physika
Project File Masterclass
Kick Pack

DAW: FL Studio

•Mixing / Mastering: Bx_control
•Effects: Pro-Q | 2Pro-L | Izotope Exciter | LexConcertHall | OTT | Maag EQ4

Instruments: Sylenth1 | Serum

home page: https://harderclass.com/programs/physika-masterclass