Jonas Blue The Art of Dance Music Free Download Jonas Blue The Art of Dance Music Free Download Jonas Blue The Art of Dance Music

Learn everything you need to write & produce professional-level dance music. In this class, multi-platinum producer Jonas Blue takes you into his studio and teaches you his complete songwriting and production process — the same process he’s used to amass over 18 billion streams on hits like “Perfect Strangers” and “Fast Car”. Follow along as he writes, records, and produces a brand new dance song from start to finish, explaining everything he’s doing along the way.

What you’ll learn:

Jonas Blue’s unique approach to dance songwriting & production
How to write a full, compelling demo at the piano that you’re inspired to produce
Developing emotional, distinctive chord progressions for dance music
Collaborating with songwriters and vocalists to craft the best dance topline
Composing catchy vocal melodies that people want to sing along to
Writing memorable, yet easy-to-remember lyrics for dance music
Creating the perfect verse, pre chorus, and chorus for dance music
How to transform a piano demo into a fully produced hit song, whether it’s a remix or an original track
The most effective way to building your track layer by layer
Jonas Blue’s go-to sounds, plug-ins, samples, synths, equipment, and more
Finding, shaping, and designing the best sounds and samples for your production
Composing and producing all the essential parts, including pianos, synths, drums, bass, and more
Processing dance vocals for maximum impact
Creating a dynamic arrangement that keeps listeners engaged from start to finish
Using effects and automation to create tension and release in your music
Producing a powerful chorus, build up, and drop
Developing your own unique sound
How to mix and master your song, including Jonas Blue’s exact master chain
How to master a song so the same track sounds good on the radio, in the clubs, and at festivals

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