Hello GoDownloads Lover!

We have introduced new method to buy CloudGhost Premium Membership via Stripe Apple Pay/ Google Pay/ Credit Card without any charges!

Membership fee now match same as CloudGhost as below ::

You just need to follow below simple steps : –

  1. Choose your Plan from below and make a purchase by selecting 3rd payment option Stripe written !


2. It will open a new page with below details, please make a selection again such as 120 days worth $26.99 by clicking on “ADD TO CART”.

3. For example, I will choose 120 days worth $26.99, this will open below page.

4. Click on “Proceed to checkout” & fill up your billing details and then proceed with

Proceed to Stripe Apple Pay/Google Pay/ Credit Card” Place Order.


Make sure to use Valid Email Address to Receive Premium Key!

4. After your successful payment, you will receive an email instantly in your email with below details :

Once, you will have license key. Apply it under my account in CloudGhost.

If you didn’t get the key, please email to support@cloudghost.net

Our dedicated support staff are here to help with anything you need 24×7.

How to activate Cloudghost Premium Voucher:

1. You will receive a Cloudghost premium voucher like this: 63310risj9zgrchywdj

2. You should be log in : https://www.cloudghost.net/?op=login ( If you haven’t account at Cloudghost, you just need to sign up: https://cloudghost.net/?op=registration )

3. Make sure you are logged in. Then access this link: https://cloudghost.net/?op=my_account

4. Put your voucher code in field “Apply Premium Key”, and click on “Apply”

I have copied the key, now once I click on Apply button, My premium membership will be activated with below message.


Thanks for your time, Stay tuned!