Phantom LUTs – iPhone 15 – Apple Luts Free Download

Phantom LUTs – iPhone 15 – Apple Luts Free Download
With the innovative introduction of Apple Log for the iPhone 15 users who seek more creative options for their post workflow or who are unhappy with the default Apple Technical LUT available, I have created a LUT that precisely mimics the Arri Alexa 709 colour science for Apple Log.

Along with the emulation LUT, there are 4 creative variation LUTs that are included as an Arri LUT 5 Pack.

For the nostalgic among you, I have also made 6 Film Emulation LUTs that each imitate film stocks from the past.

These LUTs are simple to use and will assist your LOG footage to achieve the most satisfying starting point for grading.

*These LUTs will not work on any iPhone from generation 1-14 – the 15 is the only iPhone with Apple Log currently.